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Professionalism, premium quality work and client satisfaction are our focus.

Nordland was created straight from the heart. We have been in your position, so we know what you need and how to help you. Our founder, Natalya Chjen, immigrated from Uzbekistan, experiencing firsthand the challenges of building a successful business in Canada. She has vowed to make it better for the next generation of immigrants.

The Nordland team has experience working in the immigration space. Because of our deep business experience working in overseas environments, we understand where you are coming from and what you will be leaving behind. When you work with us, you can be sure that compassion, patience, and excellence are our main priorities.

We have extensive multi-industry experience, a proven track record and a superior top-tier success rate. All of our business plans and pitch decks have been accepted by incubators, investors and immigration authorities.

When you succeed, then we succeed – that is the Nordland way.

Our Team

Natalya Chjen

Natalya founded Nordland Business Solutions in 2014, and is a Certified Business Management Consultant. She immigrated from Uzbekistan, experiencing firsthand the challenges of building a successful business in Canada, and she has vowed to make it better for the next generation of immigrants. Her vision is clear, and her leadership is strong. She is an expert in business management and Information Technology creating management software used to analysis and optimize data, creating automated systems and processes, and coordinating the migration and integration of technical data - to name a few of her skills. She has risen through the ranks of top tier organizations such as banks, specialty IT companies and government agency’s due to her exceptional project management skills and broad leadership capabilities. Her ability to work at a micro technical level, and also step back and see the big picture is a unique skill not often found in the highly analytical industry of information technology and this has been a catalyst in Natalya rapid rise with the organizations she has worked for. Natalya gives back to the global community by sharing her knowledge and skills, mentoring young entrepreneurial students who dream of starting their own business.

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Brian Doody

Brian has been helping people to enjoy their best life for over 20 years while working in the Hospitality Industry. He is an accomplished entrepreneur in the food production business, bringing creative ideas and concepts to life, building a business by working through all aspects of the company’s development life cycle. His work in the fast- paced world of hospitality and event planning gave him a deep understanding of business management at a core level and his experience in financial management and managing operations is invaluable. Since 2017 Brian has been working as a Business Consultant, and joined Immigration Law Firm where his business experience and skills were fully utilized for new business immigrants entering Canada. Business planning was a focus of his department, and Brian is able to offer clear-to-the-point strategic advice based on years of experience and knowledge. Brian has travelled all over the country enjoying the many diverse and unique communities throughout Canada. He understands and appreciates the deep roots and many cultures that makes Canada an attractive destination for new business and investment from immigrants. Brian is a passionate cook, and enjoying friends, family and cottage life in the great outdoors.

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Jane Mackay

Jane has extensive international business experience with a career that includes over 18 years in Asia in addition to her work in Canada. She has worked in multiple industries such as: geology & mineral exploration, oil & gas wastewater, renewable energy, clean technology, project financing and environmental management for fortune 500 companies and new entrepreneurial ventures. She has extensive experience in senior executive management positions and gained valuable hands-on project management and operational experience over the course of her career. Jane has been a founding partner for 3 companies related to Wind Energy, Geothermal and Hydro project development in both Canada and in Asia. More recently she established her own consulting company where she focused on small and medium sized companies wanting to expand into the Asia region. This work involved developing corporate strategies, business and operational plans for companies in the agriculture, product development, eCommerce, and software technology industries.
Jane has also worked as a senior consultant for a merchant bank in Singapore and is experienced in carrying out funding campaigns to finance new business ventures.
Jane is passionate about understanding new cultures and has assimilated many of her experiences in Asia into her personal philosophy and business approach. She remains very close with her Asian friends and is a champion for women and disadvantaged people seeking to build their dreams in Canada. She has an active outdoor life boating in the Okanagan and enjoying the many ski slopes in the region.

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