Nordland provides a portfolio of business solutions with the goal of building and growing successful businesses in Canada.

We focus on revenue generation, delivering clear and concise advice, and include all the tools you need to make it all work.

Business Preparation

Business Launch

Business Plans




Business Plans

Nordland offers customized tailored business plans created to express your vision, business goals and to clearly define your roadmap to achieving the best possible results. We conduct industry and market research to provide a statistical foundation which leads to well-developed, solid strategies and plans. Our team of experts is also ready to work with you to define your operational and sales plan. Our financial models are custom-built to analyze and project realistic and achievable results, putting you on the right path to success.

Whether it is a Business Plan for your immigration applications, for a franchise business, or for financing or banks, Nordland has the experts to craft your business case in a way that results in a successful outcome.

Our customer reviews will give you insight into the process and show how we can add value to your business venture.

Industry and Market Research

The core of every business is understanding your industry and where you are in the marketplace. Industry and Market Research is the foundation of building any new business and will be expected by banks, finance groups and business immigration specialists. Nordland carries out research to understand the environment you will work in and to develop target markets, customer profiles and all the background data you need to zero in on your best sales approach.

Business Launch

Creating a business can be a daunting endeavor. Nordland takes the stress and anxiety away by working with you every step of the way. Business creation starts with the business plan; however, it is the initial first few months that involve those one-time tasks that can be overwhelming. It is one thing to know what you need to do; however, the problem is often how to do it, and Nordland has a solution for this stage of your business. 

We have streamlined processes to make this as simple and straightforward as possible.

We help you:

  • Open a corporate bank account
  • Source a physical space
  • Build all marketing materials (logos, website, brochures, advertising)
  • Develop operating procedures and important documentation
  • Connect you with suppliers, manufacturers, logistics and other professional services

and much more to help your start-up company launch.

For any business to function correctly in the long term, you must have established operating systems and procedures with budgets and forecasting for easy monitoring. It’s also crucial that your marketing campaign and product launch is effective and drives ongoing sales. Nordland can custom-build your business with ease and efficiency. We have a team of professionals standing by to help with a product launch, logistics and anything else necessary to make your business the best it can be.

Business Optimization

Sometimes when you have set-up everything right, the operating systems are all in place, and the marketing campaign is well underway, you still do not get the desired results. Underperformance can be a problem for businesses anywhere in the world, and often a business owner is so close to the situation that you just cannot put your finger on the problem. That’s when you bring in the Nordland experts to provide systematic, professional analysis and recommendations. We have the process roadmap to uncover every issue, identify all the “pain points”, and then we work with you to turn the business around – one milestone at a time. It works, and at the core of our mission is ensuring you succeed.