The Best Decision Tool

is a simple tool that will help to make big choices
by selecting the best available options.​

Business and life changing decisions require rational approach.

Our tool will help you to make the right decision based on facts, figures, your knowledge, perception, personal values, and priorities.

Evaluate your choices
NOW with


Option 1 Name your option
Option 2 Name your option
Factor Name Enter the different variables that go into making a decision
Significance How Important is each factor to you?
Good or Bad If the value of this factor is good, change colour to green. If the value of this factor is bad, change colour to red
Option 1 name
Option 2 name


What choices do you have?



What facts and assumptions should you consider? 
List as many as possible. 

Examples: Money gained or spent, Rent, Costs, Time saved or spent, ROI, Happiness, Opportunity, Connection with friends and family, etc.



What factors are more important for you?
1 = the least important factor for you,
5 = the most important factor for you.



All factors will be Good or Bad. 

Positive (Good Things): 

save or generate money, time saved, positive emotions, opportunities 

Negative (Not So Good Things): 

fees / costs, wasted time, negative emotions / feelings



Fill all empty cells.

Under each option, per each factor.

Add numbers to every choice.

Distribute 100% between the Options if you cannot measure your factors in $ or hours.



Check the HIGHEST score.

The Best Decision Tool will calculate your options, giving more preference to your higher priority factors.

Most preferred option – highest number

Least preferred option – lowest number.